The bookstore

nb:notabene is an independent bookstore specialising in graphics, design and urban culture. Next to the titles you’d expect, you can find authentic curiosities, thanks to a selection that’s always changing, original and surprising. Italian and foreign books, rarities and limited editions, with a special selection of children’s books.

nb books selection specialises in the contemporary: published titles date from 2008, content (things, places, people, stories) from 1950. As regards cities, the focus is on urban culture from the last 60 years. The Design selection concentrates on everyday objects, environment, gardens and food, whilst our Graphics section looks at typography and calligraphy, illustration, posters and graphic novels.


is an independent bookstore specializing in graphics, design and contemporary architecture.

via Des Ambrois 2/E — Torino
near piazza Carlina and
via S. Francesco da Paola
T +39 393 859 3005